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$62,000 Luxurious Travel Trailer

This is a 22′ teardrop shapped travel trailer that is all about luxury.  It features fine leather and teak wood, underfloor heating and a 23″ flat screen tv with built in cd/dvd player.  This travel trailer looks more like miniature mansion on the inside.  It’s available in Europe for a smooth $62,000!


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  1. On October 6, 2008, Dunn added

    Wow! It’s incredibly cool and incredibly expensive as well.

  2. On October 7, 2008, Uncle B added

    This day, the day after the great market crash, marks the first day of the great depression. Today, some of us are praying for an ultralight three wheel tandem passenger plug in vehicle, to get us back and forth, workplace to home, mostly gasoline free, so we can afford to eat in the coming days of extreme gasoline prices. Minimum $14.00 a gallon gas, bought with our new deflated dollars is predicted. Mayhem on the job market has started. Somehow, for the near future anyway, tents and backpacks are in order, and the grand old days of towing luxury trailers have gone the way of high powered V-8 engines and SUV’s. A lifestyle change paradigm as never imagined has been imposed on the American people by a government made up of Uber-rich people, so isolated from the common reality, as to not understand their plight! A queen of France once said of the people, who had run out of bread, “Let them eat cake!”. Bush and his cronies have demonstrated the same indifferent ignorance and condemned the American people to at least a decade of brutal slavery! and for what? to pay off the uber-rich in his own class for having made a financial “faux pas” – the poorest, little dears, off they go, pockets stuffed with gold, and caviar guaranteed by the poor working slobs, the American people! And you want to sell us luxury trailers? No thanks, we can only look at them in disbelief today!

  3. On October 7, 2008, Ryan G added

    I never thought that I could ever like a caravan!!

  4. On October 9, 2008, Tinny added

    Uncle B – I’m shocked by the price tag myself. As far as I know these trailers are only available in Europe.

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